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Childrens Electric Toothbrushes

Childrens electric toothbrushes are a great way to teach your child good oral hygiene habits. Children in this country are getting cavities and getting their teeth burned at an earlier age than ever before. This is all due to the fact that our dental care has become more lax over the years. In fact, it is so lax that a trip to the dentist can now be considered something to look forward to on any given month. That is simply due to the fact that there have been too many parents who have chosen to do without brushing their children’s teeth for far too long. Teaching them how to brush their teeth on their own will save you the expense of a visit to the dentist and your children will grow up with healthy, beautiful teeth.

Even before you get to pick out your childrens toothbrush you should spend some time with your child teaching him or her how to brush. Most children start brushing their teeth around the time they learn to use a fork. Since childrens toothbrushes are typically smaller than the standard adult toothbrush, you will need to take this time to teach your child where the different areas of the toothbrush are located. You will also need to discuss which toothpaste your child needs to use based on what he or she has been eating. Each child has his or her own special toothpaste; you do not want your child using a toothpaste that contains something harmful that could harm your child.

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The best way to begin the process of teaching your child to brush his or her teeth is by utilizing a brush that simulate the brushing behavior of a real person. These types of brushes are generally covered with a soft material and are designed to simulate the actions that would be performed by a real person. For instance, rather than brushing from side to side you would use the upward and outward motion of the brush. This is a great way to teach childrens to begin the habit of brushing their teeth in an actual manner that has been done for years.

If your child is still young, it may be a good idea to purchase a childrens electric toothbrush with a kids mode. This type of brush allows your childrens to either brush their teeth or even rinsing their mouths at the same time. The double action is a great way to teach your childrens to get into the routine of brushing their teeth as well as rinsing their mouths.

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Another beneficial feature of many childrens electric toothbrushes is that many of them can be adjusted to cover more than one tooth at a time. This is a feature that not all brushes have. Brushing two teeth at a time can be a difficult task for some childrens, so it is nice to be able to adjust the brush to handle two. It is always easier to cover more with the adjustable settings than it is to try and cover less. Therefore, it may be a good idea to invest in two brushes that are able to handle two different tooth sizes.

It should also be noted that some types of electric brushes tend to lose bristles. As the teeth brush moves over plaque and food particles, the bristles are worn down. Eventually this will result in fewer bristles on the toothbrush. You will want to consider purchasing a childrens electric brush that will last longer and brush more teeth.