Kids’ Umbrellas


Rainy days are a quintessential part of life in the United Kingdom. While the weather may not always be predictable, one thing is for sure: kids will be kids, and they love to explore, no matter the weather. So, how can you ensure your little ones stay dry and cheerful on those drizzly days? The answer is simple – a trusty kids’ umbrella. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of kids’ umbrellas, highlighting their importance and presenting a selection of fun and functional options for your little adventurers.

The Importance of Kids’ Umbrellas

Kids’ umbrellas are more than just practical accessories; they offer a world of benefits for both parents and children:

  1. Stay Dry and Healthy: By keeping your child dry in wet weather, you help prevent them from catching colds or other illnesses. Plus, dry clothes mean fewer laundry hassles for parents.
  2. Safety First: Umbrellas not only shield kids from rain but also provide a layer of protection from wind and other elements. This can be especially useful during those blustery UK showers.
  3. Encourage Outdoor Play: A good-quality kids’ umbrella can make rainy days exciting. It encourages children to get outside, explore puddles, and experience the magic of rain without getting soaked.
  4. Express Their Personality: Many kids’ umbrellas feature fun, colorful designs that allow your child to showcase their unique personality while staying dry.

Choosing the Right Kids’ Umbrella

When selecting a kids’ umbrella for your little one, consider the following factors:

  1. Size: Ensure it’s the right size for your child. It should be easy for them to handle and not too heavy.
  2. Durability: Opt for a well-constructed umbrella that can withstand playful use.
  3. Design: Let your child pick a design they love, whether it’s a favorite cartoon character, animal, or vibrant pattern.
  4. Safety Features: Look for safety features like rounded edges, pinch-proof mechanisms, and easy-to-use open/close buttons.

Top Picks for Kids’ Umbrellas in the UK

Now that you understand the importance of kids’ umbrellas and what to consider when buying one, let’s explore some top options available in the UK:

  • Fulton Birdcage Kids’ Dome Umbrella: This transparent dome umbrella allows kids to see where they’re going while staying dry. It’s both stylish and practical, perfect for older kids.
  • Cath Kidston Kids’ Umbrella: Known for their charming prints, Cath Kidston offers a range of delightful kids’ umbrellas with floral, animal, and vintage designs.
  • Blunt Kids’ Metro Umbrella: If you’re looking for a durable and high-quality option, Blunt’s Metro umbrella is wind-resistant and built to withstand tough weather.
  • Joules Children’s Umbrella: Joules offers a variety of fun and colorful kids’ umbrellas, often featuring their signature floral and animal prints.
  • Floss & Rock Colour-Changing Umbrella: This magical umbrella changes color when it gets wet, adding an extra element of fun to rainy days.


Kids’ umbrellas are a must-have accessory for any UK family. They not only keep your children dry and healthy but also encourage outdoor play and self-expression. With a wide variety of designs and features available, finding the perfect umbrella for your child is a breeze. So, equip your little adventurers with a reliable kids’ umbrella, and let them embrace the rainy days with joy and style!