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Kids Lunch Boxes

There is a certain childhood motif that runs throughout all childrens lunch boxes. Whether it is the bright red and black color of the My Pillow Pets cat, the yellow and brown of the Caterpillar toy, or the green and white striped Stuffed Animals from My Little Pony, we children can almost feel happy about taking what they receive from the table. In some ways, they are safer than the real things, at least when it comes to small breakable toys. The only problem is, they are not as fun to play with as you might hope. The best way to keep your children happily occupied in their lunch box is to find a great theme for them. Here are just a few ideas:

-Caterpillar: My Pillow Pets and their matching cuddly stuffed animals have been an overnight sensation, and for good reason. Kids love these furry little creatures, and the line of cuddly stuffed animals now available for childrens lunch boxes perfectly captures the spirit of the show. This is also a great theme if you want to get your kids involved in a garden-related activity (potty training included). And since most childrens lunch boxes have a removable crayon in them, your children can make the best of their limited imaginations by drawing all kinds of critters on them.

-My Little Pony: If your child loves ponies, you’ve probably already picked up on this one. Almost every young girl in this country has at least one pony-shaped decoration in her house. Why not combine their favorite imaginary character with their childhood toy? This is a great theme for a childrens lunch box that features cutouts of various ponies, along with their owner’s name. Your child will probably love being able to tell their friends that their favorite little pony lives at their school.

– Barbie: You wouldn’t think that a famous cartoon character from Mattel would be a good theme for a childrens lunch box, but it’s true. If your little girl wants to dress up as a Barbie doll, she’s got plenty of options. There are all kinds of Barbie themed items available, including dinner plates and tablecloths. You might even want to get the kids a video game so they can pretend that they’re playing Barbie Land.

-Carnival Cruise: What a great idea! Kids love going on carnivals, and many parents don’t even recognize it as a childrens’ theme. But a little research into the various ships on a given cruise line will reveal lots of fun, colorful items that could easily be made into a childrens lunch box. You could also find themed place mats and pencil cases. The possibilities are endless.

-The Narnia Theme: If your little girl likes the famous childrens book and movie, then you might want to consider using the Narnia theme in a childrens lunch box. This is actually a very popular theme, and you’ll be able to find items for it right off the Internet. You may even be able to find a Narnia hat or other stuffed toy to go along with the theme. The best part about this theme is that it’s totally safe. You can even use pink colored pencils or markers to write the Happy Birthday message on the boxes.